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Every time I start writing this letter I mention the weather and then it changes again... one minute blowing a gale, the next minute perfectly clement – welcome to autumn!

These changes roll around every year, but this year new changes (and challenges) are coming at the bakery industry thick and fast. Some of you are tearing your hair out over HGV driver shortages, supplier delays and export issues, while other of you are still coming to terms with the covid impact, and trying to move forward as best you can.

Elsewhere though, some of you are positively thriving. So whichever boat you’re in, keep paddling.

In this issue we’ve got a LOT of cake. There’s a feature on page 22 from Sophie Braker about what’s hot and what’s not in the world of all things spongy right now, and (if you want to have your cake and eat it…) there’s also a great piece about The Great British Cake Survey on page 40, which makes for an insightful read.

If you’re struggling with the impact crop changes are having on your formulations, check out our piece on page 20, which we hope will be of some help. Or if you’re more focussed on ways in which Natasha’s Law is going to change the way you operate, I suggest turning to page 28, for the informative insights to come out of the BSB’s latest webinar in its excellent ongoing series.

Beyond that, we’ve got some seasonal suggestions on page 14, and some fantastic learning opportunities for students on page 12.

Keep on keeping on bakers (and all associated people of equal brilliance). Let’s get the Christmas train on the road and gear up for all the hectic joy the festive season brings.